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Winter Tips
Winterizing Your Home Plumbing System

As the weather gets colder, it is important to perform preventive measures with your plumbing system in order to avoid major and costly damage. You want to avoid leaky pipes, broken water heaters, and clogged drains. Here are some tips to prepare you for colder weather.
Frozen Pipe is a Clogged Pipe

It is a common misconception that frozen pipes burst at the point they are frozen. This makes sense - when water freezes into ice, it expands and fills up more space. If the contents of the pipe expand, it would make sense that it would burst.

Most cracks or damages happen away from the point where the pipes are frozen, however. This is because the water pressure begins increasing dramatically as the ice closes off and clogs the pipe. So, the pipe will crack due to the water having nowhere to go, not the ice itself.
What to do?
  • Insulate your pipes. Wrap your pipes in insulation in any unheated areas, as they are most likely to freeze. You can find insulation in a variety home improvement stores.
  • Seal air drafts around fixtures. If your pipes are near an open, drafty space, they are more likely going to get cold from that draft.
  • Check for leaky pipes - if they are leaking, there is a possible issue of drastic temperature change.
  • Remember your outside faucets. If the weather will be freezing, make sure you drain the water out of spigots and hoses.
  • If you are going away, make sure to follow the Vacation Tips we offer.
What happens if they do freeze?
  • Don't Panic! Just act quickly.
  • Turn on a cold water faucet in from the pipe to start relieving the pressure.
  • Wrap warm towels around the frozen area to thaw.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or blow torch. Immediate, intense heat could cause further issues.
  • Call At Your Service Plumbing @ (253) 448-8168 and we can assess the damage and work professionally with the freeze.
Remember: We are At Your Service in the Tacoma Area

If you are concerned about winterizing your plumbing, but do not have the time or energy to dedicate towards these and more winterizing measures, remember that At Your Service Plumbing is here for your home plumbing needs. We offer maintenance services as well as repairs and we'd rather see you come to us to prevent damage than see you already have a damaged home. 

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