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Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

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Expertly installed under your kitchen sink, a garbage disposal makes it easy to dispose of food waste into the sewer system. The premise behind the proper use of a disposal is to effectively regard food scraps as liquid. Modern wastewater plants are effective at processing organic solids into fertilizer products, and more advanced facilities are able to capture the methane for energy production.


On most garbage disposals there is a partial rubber closure to prevent food waste from flying back up out of the grinding chamber, this can even be used to minimize the noise level of the grinding chamber. These days’ garbage disposals are pretty common in household kitchens, but if yours does not have one or you find that your disposal system needs maintenance, please contact At Your Service Plumbing today!

Some Garbage Disposal Dos & Don’ts



  • Keep your garbage disposal clean!
  • Run your disposal system regularly – this prevents rust and prevents food waste from accumulating
  • Use cold water when running your disposal system – this will cause any grease or oils that may have gotten into the unit to solidify helping them break up before reaching the disposal
  • If you grind up certain hard materials such as small chicken bones or fish bones – this will actually clean the garbage disposal walls
  • Cut large items into smaller pieces instead of trying to shove large pieces into the disposer which could cause a clog
  • Find a reputable garbage disposal installation company if you require a new disposal system.



  • Use harsh chemicals such as bleach in your disposal system
  • Grind glass, plastic, metal or paper
  • Don’t grind anything combustible
  • Cigarette butts
  • Hot water – this will cause drains to clog
  • Don’t turn off the water until grinding is completed
  • Don’t put too many potato peels down the disposer. The peels can turn into a thick paste causing the blades to stick
  • Don’t grind expandable food, such as spaghetti which expands when you add water – this can cause clogs
  • Don’t grind large animal bones
  • Even though putting coffee ground down your disposal system can eliminate odors these can accumulate in the drains and pipes causing them to clog

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