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At Your Service Plumbing maintains a Washington state plumbing contractor license number YOURSP*000NC. At Your Service Plumbing is fully insured through Federated Insurance Company. At Your Service Plumbing is bonded through CBIC. At Your Service Plumbing pays all state and federal taxes owed as well as workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes.


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At Your Service Plumbing technicians are certified with the state of Washington as specialty residential or journeyman plumbers. At Your Service Plumbing trainees are registered with the state of Washington. At Your Service Plumbing certified technicians and trainees attend continuing education classes each year.


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At Your Service Plumbing team members serve each and every Client with a personal touch. At Your Service Plumbing communicates regularly with Clients who desire to be scheduled for service. At Your Service Plumbing technicians take care of your home by wearing floor savers, laying down mats and tarps and cleaning thoroughly the area where [...]

Respect for Your Peace of Mine and Safety

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Our plumbers are drug tested, background checked and certified with the State of Washington. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured. Please don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients are saying about us online by clicking the bubble to the right.

Respect for Your Investment

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We will provide Straight Forward Pricing™ for your approval after an inspection of the vital parts of your plumbing system before any work is done. Extended warranties are offered where appropriate.

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