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Your Tacoma Plumber, At Your Service Plumbing, presents these videos for your viewing pleasure. Check out our curated video series on Customer Experience Testimonials, DIY Projects and Homeowner’s Tips.

Customer Experience

It is always challenging to invite someone in your home who you don’t know. This series will give you an idea of what to expect from your own Personal Plumbing Professional from At Your Service Plumbing.

Tacoma Plumber Video Screen Graphic Plumbing Repair Service At Your Service Plumbing


Are there plumbing challenges around your home you might want to tackle yourself? Check out this video series as we show you how!

Tacoma Plumber Video Screen Graphic Plumbing Repair Service At Your Service Plumbing

Homeowner Tips

Some really beneficial tips to maintaining your home’s plumbing system and protecting your home from water damage from your Tacoma plumber with over 30 years of experience.

Tacoma Plumber Video Screen Graphic Plumbing Repair Service At Your Service Plumbing

Customer Experience Series

Customer Experience
Meet your own Personal Plumbing Professional and how you will be served.

What to Expect From Your Own Personal Plumbing Professional
Learn what At Your Service Plumbing offers to its clients.

DIY Series

Video #1 – Changing a Toilet Seat
Freshen up your old toilet with a new toilet seat!

Video #2 – Pullout Kitchen Spray Challenges
Many new kitchen faucets are including the spray hose within the spout.  Learn how to handle a couple potential challenges.

Video #3 – Cleaning an Aerator
Most faucets have an aerator at the end of the spout to control water flow which can become clogged.

Video #4 – Shutting Off Water
Do you know how to turn off the water when there is an emergency leak?

Video #5 – Changing a Toilet Flapper
Using chlorine tablets in the toilet tank can cause the flapper to deform and water to leak.

Video #6 – Unjamming a Disposer
Disposer can get jammed with too much food at once or a foreign object. Safety comes first however you may be able to unjam yourself.

Video #7 – Cleaning a Vacuum Breaker
A hose faucet spraying or leaking could be the vacuum breaker just needs to be cleaned.

Video #8 – Tightening the Packing on Valves
A small drip on a shut valve may be a simple fix!

Video #9 – Relighting a Gas Water Heater
For the rare occasion your gas water heater’s pilot goes out!

Video #10 – Meet Flo
The smartphone device which can notify you of a water leak and prevent damage!

Video #11 – Resetting Timers
Water conditioners and recirculating pumps may need their timers reset after a power outage.

Homeowner Tips Series

Vacation Safety Tips
A small leak could easily turn into serious water damage if no one is home.  Enjoy a carefree vacation by shutting off your water.

Garbage Disposal Best Practices
Get the most trouble-free use out of your disposer with a few simple tips.

Winterizing Your Plumbing
Your water pipes can freeze and rupture due to cold winter temperatures.  Here are some tips to protect your pipes!

Changing a Toilet Flapper
Running toilets waste water and money, not to mention being annoying.

Fix Those Leaks & Save Your Money
Little leaks around the house could be costing you more than you realize.

Drain Maintenance
Everyone knows ignoring a problem only makes it worse and your drains are no exception. Avoid clogs by keeping drains clean!