Our Team in Tacoma, WA

Rod Thaut Founder & Owner AYSP

Rod Thaut

Rod was our “Wizard of Plumbing” and our fearless leader. Unfortunately he battled mesothelioma in 2009/2010 and lost the battle on July 1, 2010. We miss him very much and so do many of our clients as they have expressed this to us time and time again. He trained Andy, Mike, and Dan and they will carry on just like Rod as they all love helping others with their plumbing needs also. Rod truly lived the name of his company, At Your Service Plumbing, as he was always ready to serve.

Kathy Thaut - General Manager AYSP

Kathy Thaut

Kathy serves as the General Manager overseeing the At Your Service Plumbing team. She attends many workshops, seminars and trainings to stay on top of the new products and services so the AYSP team will always be ready to serve their clients in the best way possible. Service is not just a word, though; it has to come from the heart. Kathy encourages each team member to always serve clients with the AYSP core values – honesty and truth, care and compassion an quality and excellence, while employing their expertise and experience to take care of the task at hand. When not working to improve the legendary service provided by AYSP, Kathy enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Andy Gleixner Certified Plumber AYSP

Andy Gleixner

Many of Andy Gleixner’s clients say he is patient and thorough when he explains to them what needs to be done to replace or repair something in their plumbing system. At Your Service Plumbing knows this because Andy loves meeting new clients and appreciates being able to help keep their home plumbing challenge-free. He has made his career as a certified plumber and has been an asset to the At Your Service Plumbing team since October 1986! Andy loves watching the Seattle sports teams and spending time with his wife, two children, 4 grandchildren and two dogs!

Sheri Edwards AYSP

Sheri Edwards

Sheri Edwards has been with the team since 1987 and was always a constant who kept everything running smoothly while happily serving the At Your Service Plumbing clients. However, in July of 2014 health issues caused her to switch to working part time. Sheri has worn many hats during her time with AYSP including Secretary, Bookkeeper, Client Care Representative and Office Manager. She always looked forward each year to meeting our Diamond Club members during the annual Thanksgiving pumpkin pie giveaway and always enjoyed assisting all clients with getting their plumbing needs handled effectively.

Dan Larson Certified Plumber AYSP

Dan Larson

At Your Service Plumbing welcomed Dan to its team in September 2006. While Dan has gained a lot of experience and knowledge on the job, he is also continually reading up on and studying plumbing trends and code changes. Dan is enjoying the many friendships he has developed over the years. He takes great pride in the fact that he is viewed more like a honest friend who just so happens to be an expert in plumbing. He loves meeting new people and helping to keep their plumbing systems running smoothly.

Cyrus Ryan_Certified Plumbing

Cyrus Ryan

Cyrus started training to be a plumber with At Your Service Plumbing in 2012. He has lived his entire life in the University Place/Fircrest area. He is married and has 1 cat. Cyrus completed his training and passed the specialty plumber certification test in July 2016. Cyrus believes the best thing about doing plumbing is helping others by assisting with maintaining the plumbing in their homes. In his off time he enjoys video games, board games, comic books and reading.

JR Hastings AYSP Client Care Representative

JR Hastings

JR became a member of the At Your Service Plumbing team in October 2008. He enjoys helping others so appreciates the opportunity to interact with the AYSP clients on a daily basis by answering the telephone and booking appointments. He supports the plumbers by preparing paperwork and materials for them to serve the clients in their homes. JR is an avid collector of many things and spends his personal time outdoors at the lake, camping with friends and target practice. He is lots of fun and an asset to the AYSP team and clients!

Brittany Munoz AYSP Client Care Representative

Brittany Munoz

At Your Service Plumbing welcomed Brittany to its team in November 2014. As a Client Care Representative she enjoys helping clients get their plumbing challenges taken care of by scheduling all of AYSP’s Personal Plumbing Professionals. Brittany has learned a lot about plumbing systems and concerns so she can better assist our clients. When Brittany isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Bret McCurry - At Your Service Plumbing

Brett McCurry