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Say Hello to Smarter Plumbing: Leak Protection – Secure Your Home – Conserve Your Water

Leak protection at its finest. Meet Flo, the all-in-one security system for your home water. Protect your entire home from water damage and leaks, guaranteed.

Flo is a comprehensive water monitoring and shut-off system with leak protection and proactive leak prevention technologies. Via its smartphone dashboard, Flo provides the ability to monitor and control your water remotely, while empowering conservation efforts. Be one of the first homes secured by Flo.

With Flo,


of homeowners
immediately discover a leak
they didn’t know they had.

The Device:
Installed on the main water supply line, one Flo device monitors water flow, pressure and temperature in real time, runs automatic Microleak tests to detect vulnerabilities and can automatically shut-off the water if it detects a major leak.
The App:
From the iOS or Android app, homeowners can check real time water usage and set conservation goals. If issues are detected, they’ll be alerted and can control the Flo from home or away.
The Support:
If Flo detects an issue and the homeowner is not sure what to do, the Flo team is ready to help find a solution.
Home Protect (Optional):
Get more peace of mind with a deductible reimbursement guarantee, extended product warranty, enhanced water usage data, proactive monitoring and more.

Why install ?


of water is lost due to leaks within the home.
That’s 1 trillion gallons per year nationwide.


of homeowners claim to have suffered from water damage.


of basements will suffer some kind of water damage during their lifetime.

The reason these statistics are so high is because there’s never been a device like Flo to monitor and protect your home’s water.

Never Miss a Drip™

The best way to avoid water damage, is to prevent it. Flo does it all.

How does work?

Here’s how: Flo is installed by a plumbing professional on the main water supply line to the home. From there. . .

Flo monitors all pressure, temperature and flow of the home’s water.
Flo learns the water usage patterns of your home, so it knows the difference between using water and leaking water.
Flo alerts your phone (texts, emails or calls – whichever you prefer).
From the Flo app, you can shut-off the water, clear the alert, get troubleshooting tips or contact At Your Service Plumbing.
Flo automatically shuts off the water if something dangerous is happening.
Once a day, Flo runs a Microleak test on your home to look for vulnerabilities in the pipes and appliances. This is where Flo finds any small leaks.
The At Your Service Plumbing team is here to help. If there’s questions about fixing a problem or understanding any notifications, we’re here!


work with your home?

For a home to utilize leak protection technology with Flo it needs to meet the following criteria:

Does your home have an accessible
water main line above ground?

Hint: If you can access your main shut-off
valve, the answer is likely “yes”.

Is the main water supply line
1¼ inches or smaller?

Hint: Most U.S. homes are 1¼
inch or smaller.

Do you have a smartphone?

Do you have wifi?

Do you a power outlet within
25–50 feet of your water main?

Leak Protection is just a click away to get started with

All of this adds up to best-in-class water security and savings for your home. Your plumbing might still be out of sight, but with Flo you can maintain your pipes and know that your home and family are protected from water damage.

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