Emergencies are unpredictable and inconvenient, but when they relate to plumbing, they can also be damaging and costly.

Plumbing Emergencies in Tacoma Washington: Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Plumbing Emergencies in Tacoma, Washington: Don't Get Caught Unprepared - Man standing in cold shower

Plumbing Emergencies in Tacoma, Washington: Don’t Get Caught UnpreparedEmergencies are unpredictable and inconvenient, but when they relate to plumbing, they can also be damaging and costly. For the residents of Tacoma, Washington, the varied climate – from pouring rain to the occasional snow and sleet – can exacerbate common plumbing issues, making them full-blown emergencies.

Plumbing Emergencies: Be Prepared

September in Tacoma serves as a timely reminder to be prepared. You see, plumbing emergencies can strike when you least expect them. One moment, you’re enjoying a warm shower; the next, you’re dealing with an overflow or cold water. Or, imagine prepping for a gathering only to find out your kitchen sink is backed up!

A primary step to take in safeguarding your home from potential disasters is understanding your plumbing system, particularly the shut-off valves. Familiarize yourself with the main shut-off valve location. This will empower you to cut off the water supply during emergencies, minimizing water damage. Here’s a quick video with some tips! It’s also essential to ensure your plumbing is leak-free. Even a minor leak can lead to mold and mildew formation, endangering your home’s structural integrity and your health.

But here’s the good news: At Your Service Plumbing is always ready to tackle these emergencies head-on.


Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say:

“Zach did a great job fixing the fill valve and shutoff valve on an old toilet with an emergency overflow situation. He explained everything really well and was willing to be flexible in trying solutions.” – Jenny D.

“Zachary arrived less than an hour after I called At Your Service Plumbing and saved the day. I’m having guests over tomorrow, and I had a badly backed-up kitchen sink. He explained what he was going to do, explained the costs before he started the work, and was efficient and professional. I highly recommend.” – Pam R.

“We had an urgent repair with our outdoor faucet… Tyler came today to do the repairs, and we are so impressed with his work… We have water again and a new plumbing company we trust. Heartfelt thanks to JR, Zachary, and Tyler.” – Debbie S.

Plumbing emergencies are daunting, but with At Your Service Plumbing, you’re never alone in facing them. This September, take proactive measures, and remember: We’re always here to help! Call At Your Service Plumbing when in doubt at (253) 448-8178.

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